Home Isolation Guidelines, Made Simple.

If you're a mild COVID-19 patient or a caregiver who looks after one, you will find this guidebook helpful in navigating your way through effective home isolation.

  • Categories of COVID-19
  • Warning Signs to Watch Out For
  • Tips to Improve Breathing
  • Supporting You Through Home Care
  • COVID-19 - Delta Variant
  • Happy Hypoxia
  • Basic Infection Control & Preventive Measures
  • Traditional & Complementary Medicine in COVID-19
  • Home Isolation
  • What is a Pulse Oximeter & Oxygen Concentrator
  • Tips for Caregivers & Caring for Yourself
  • COVID-19 Vaccination - Care After Vaccination
  • Home Quarantine
  • General Coping Tips
  • Post-COVID-19
  • Useful Numbers

Get your digital copy of the Home Care Guidebook for Mild COVID-19 & Home Care Supplementary Guidebook for Children with Mild COVID-19 by clicking on the attachments below.